The Ten Most Underrated Pokemon

10. Ferrothorn – It could be because Ferrothorn’s design isn’t the best looking out there, but its combination of grass and steel is a first in the series.

9. Hitmonlee – I always felt like Hitmonlee was overshadowed by its counterpart Hitmonchan.  Hitmonlee looks a lot more mysterious, and it’s a little-known fact that its legs that look wrapped in tape are actually springs that enable more powerful kicks.  Let that sink in.

8. Sneasel – Sharp claws, mostly black body, and dark/ice type? It’s a shame Sneasel isn’t favored by more people.

7. Archeops – This is the closest there is to a raptor in the Pokemon world.  It’s easy to throw Archeops aside when first looking at it, but this fossil Pokemon’s colorful feathers and raptor-like features are awesome to look at in motion.

6. Vibrava – Often overlooked because it evolves into Flygon– a definite favorite of many.  But Vibrava is definitely one of the sleekest looking monsters out there.  It’s like a dragonfly, but with wings that look like green stained glass.

5. Dragonair – Another Pokemon that is hurt because of its evolutionary successor, Dragonair is ten times more elegant than Dragonite.  In fact, once Dragonair evolves, it loses all of its mystery and elegance.

4. Yanma – I’ve always had a soft spot for bug Pokemon, and Yanma is one of my favorites that garners very little attention.

3. Kingler – Lost in the sea of awesome water Pokemon, Kingler is a very powerful crab.  In the anime, no other Pokemon of Ash’s dominated the way Kingler did in the Indigo League.  Giant crabs are also awesome.

2. Azumarill – This cute and cuddly water mouse doesn’t get taken seriously because of its appearance, but its high HP and solid defense make it an awesome addition to a team needing a water Pokemon.

1. Jumpluff – One of the least mentioned Pokemon of any generation is also one of the best looking.  The cotton spores combined with the simple design make for one of the best second generation Pokemon.

Next list… the most overrated Pokemon!

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